Omoye From Ipaja, Lagos: 
"The soap has helped in exfoliating my skin and gradually my stretch marks are fading off..leaving my skin radiantly beautiful." 
Cynthia from Imo state: 
"Honestly am confessing that this soap is one in a million. Barely one week am seeing a huge sign. I ordered for 3 bottles, I'm from Imo state. D stretchmarks on my arms has faded away...omg!" 
Twhykay Beads & Makeover from Oshodi, Lagos:
"100% stretch marks and black spot are fading easily and now am having a glowing skin. Sincerely,it is beyond my imagination." 
Silver From Lekki, Lagos: 
"My MAJOR REGRET about this Rocapy soap,is the fact I didn't start using it Earlier!Its about 1 week I've been using it and my stretch marks are really really faded."